BAYCABLE will work with your engineers to customize the right design solution for your project. From conductor materials and stranding, insulation materials, cabling techniques, shielding parameters, to the final jacket material selection, our team of experts will optimize the variables for your application.

Markets:  Medical  |  Industrial  |  Automotive  |  Audio


Multiconductor Custom Cable

  • Teflon™ insulated inner conductors
  • High voltage silicone inner jacket
  • High strength alloy serve shield
  • Tough polyurethane outer jacket

Custom Hi-Flex Wire

  • High strength alloy conductor
  • Extra flexible rope lay stranding
  • Silicone jacket

Composite Custom Cable

  • Very fine wire conductors
  • Multiple inner jacketed cores
  • Kevlar® strength members
  • High strength bend-limiting core

Hybrid Construction Cable

  • Conductor spacing tubes
  • Low triboelectric noise construction
  • Stranded conductors around Kevlar® cores
  • Double alternate serve shield
  • Strong but flexible TPR jacket


Custom coil cords have been a specialty of BAYCABLE and NEI Systems for decades. High strand count, high-flex rope or concentric constructions, coil cords are designed for durability with excellent retractile memory and high flex life, utilizing a wide range of primary insulation materials, shielding techniques and cable jacket materials.

Markets:  Medical  |  Industrial  |  Automotive  |  Audio


Video Camera Coil Cord

  • Multiple inner coax composite cable
  • High reliability LEMO connectors
  • Polyurethane molded strain reliefs

Industrial Oven Sensor Cord

  • Double coil cord cable assembly
  • Long flex life
  • Mechanical strain relief

SUV Rear Window Defroster Cord

  • High strand count cable
  • Arctic to desert environmental requirement
  • Tough polyester jacket to last decades

Audio Coil Cord

  • Tinsel wire conductors
  • Low extension force
  • Very high flex life
  • Tough but flexible polyurethane jacket


Increased flex life, environmental sealing, strain reliefs, and custom interconnects are just a few of the benefits of thermoplastic or Silicone injection molded cable assemblies. These assemblies can be customized with company logos and mechanical features, like finger detents, and bend limiting strain reliefs. Through an exciting and unique collaborative process, our teams combine to design an optimal solution satisfying your most demanding applications and working conditions. Our flex and strain reliefs arc smoothly and withstand agreed-upon load requirements. Very fine wire termination including incorporating PC boards into over-molded connections are a specialty of BAYCABLE.

Markets:  Medical  |  Industrial  |  Automotive  |  Audio


Medical RF Generator Cable

  • TPR jacketed composite cable
  • Over-molded TPR custom strain reliefs
  • Custom color match

Security Camera Cable

  • Polyurethane jacketed very fine wire construction
  • Custom feed-through strain relief
  • Mechanical camera interface

Endoscope Camera Cable

  • Polyurethane jacketed complex composite construction
  • Multiple video channels
  • Power and signal conductors with multiple shields or layers of shielding
  • Custom molded polyurethane strain reliefs

Cardiac Monitoring System Cable

  • Multiple coaxial plus power and signal elements
  • Composite construction
  • Right angle molded circular connector
  • Custom panel feed-through mold


Subassemblies that incorporate molded cables, flex circuits, fan assemblies, power distribution units and other complex electrical and mechanical components are often needed. We are happy to design and build to meet your unique requirements.

Markets:  Medical  |  Industrial  |  Automotive  |  Audio


Integrated Interconnect System

  • Multiple custom cables
  • Multiple over-molded connectors and strain reliefs
  • Incorporated into full video interconnect system

PC Board Termination

  • Very fine wire termination
  • 42 AWG alloy stranded construction
  • Very thin wall Teflon™ insulation
  • Fine pitch board termination
  • ESD termination

Multi-Board Connection System

  • Very fine wire termination
  • Custom composite cable

Control Panel Interconnect System

  • Multi-leg power distribution
  • Molded circular connector